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Standard turnaround times for various products can be found on our website Rush cases may be accomodated depending on lab workload and may be subject to a rush fee.


Once work has commenced on a case it may not be cancelled with no charge. If cancellation occurs, prescribing dentist is responsible for work completed and costs accrued by Dentek. Once a case is submitted to Dentek, any changes to the original prescription including due date must be requested by email to Prices are subject to change, prevailing price at time of order will apply.


Dentek guarantees our prostheses to be free from defects in materials and/or craftsmanship. All prosthetics will be fabricated using the appropriate materials and according to the material manufacturer’s specifications. Completed prostheses will conform to the specifications of the completed lab slip by the prescribing dentist. Dentek offers a conditional warranty against failure in material or craftsmanship on fixed, implant, partial denture, and full denture products of one year from invoice date. All thermoformed products, nightguards, splints and temporary crowns and bridges are warrantied for thirty days from invoice date. All warranty claims must be processed through the original prescribing dentist. The original failed restoration must be returned to Dentek within the warranty period for the warranty to be honored. Dentek requires an intraoral photo of failed prosthesis prior to removal to document failure to material manufacturer. No alterations from the original prescription are covered. Costs incurred by the prescribing dentist for removal of failed prosthesis, or reinsertion of remade prosthesis are not covered. Consequential damages to patient including lost wages, inconvenience or pain and suffering are not covered. Prosthetic failures resulting from accident, neglect, abuse, failure of supportive tooth or tissue structures, improper adjustments or improper dental hygiene are not covered.


Dentek fabricates custom dental prosthetics specific to individual patients, therefore returns of any kind for credit or refund are not accepted. Dentek will make necessary adjustments based on the original impression and prescription to ensure complete satisfaction. Any adjustments or remakes due to the original prescription not being followed will be completed free of charge using the original impression. Permanent cementation of any prosthesis indicates both prescribing dentist and patient approval of fit, shade, contour, function, and esthetics. Any remake of a permanently cemented prostheis that did not fail in material or craftmanship will be charged full price of restoration on prevailing fee schedule. If a remake or adjustment of an uncemented prostheic is requested with a change from original prescription, original prosthesis and supporting materials must be returned or a 100% remake charge will apply.

Payment Terms

Invoice delivered with each case, monthly statement of all current month invoices processed on last working day of month and delivered electronically. Payment is due net 30 days from monthly statement. Auto pay payments will be processed on the 15th day of the month following statement. 2% service charge on unpaid balances 30 days after statement date. Accounts with past due balances over 45 days will be placed on C.O.D, with new cases delivered C.O.D. + 25% of unpaid past due balance. Unpaid balances over 90 days past due will be sent to collections at the expense of the delinquent account including all legal and collection expenses incurred by Dentek. Certain accounts may be subject to a credit limit based on relationship and payment history. Returned checks will be subject to a $25.00 fee.

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