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CAD/CAM Provisionals

Dense porosity-free PMMA acylic
Due to better materials and processing, these provisionals can be made very thin, even allowing for metal reinforcement.
CAD design allows precise duplication of study casts of diagnostic wax-up or study model.
SureTemps are guranteed from breakage for 6 months. This involves remilling the original design.
From a single unit to a full mouth reconstruction, Milled Provisionals are made in just 3 days!
Milled Provisionals are easy to work with clinically and can be relined with acrylic or composites.

Currently, through our CAD/CAM system, we digitally produce nearly 100% of our products, and every month find better ways to fabricate restorations with this technology. We have been anxious to convert our manufacturing processes because digital technology allows us to produce stronger, more consistent and precise restorations with faster turnaround times, often at a lower cost. We have recently moved the fabrication of our provisional restorations into the digital age with results that you’ll be excited to learn about.
Whether provisionals are to be utilized as a tool to determine function or a means of esthetics during restoration fabrication, our staff has the knowledge and experience to fabricate provisionals to meet your