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Press to Zirconia

IPS E.Max Zirpress

IPS e.max ZirPress is a fluorapatite glass-ceramic ingot for the press-on technique on zirconia frameworks.IPS e.max ZirPress facilitates the working procedures especially for long-span restorations due to the detailed esthetic ceramic reproduction of the wax-up.IPS e.max ZirPress ingots are available in three levels of opacity and in A-D and four Bleach BL shades. Five Gingiva shades are also available. Individual characterization or veneering is carried out using the IPS e.max Ceram Stains or layering materials.

IPS E.Max Zirpress

HT ingots
Ingots featuring high translucency for the full-contour technique. The restorations are individualized using the IPS e.max Ceram Stains.
LT ingots
Ingots featuring low translucency for the cut-back technique. After the partial press-over, the incisal area is individually completed using the IPS e.max Ceram materials.
MO ingots
With the MO ingots (medium opacity), accurately fitting ceramic shoulders, bridge pontics and the cervical third are pressed before the restoration is layered to completion using IPS e.max Ceram.
Gingiva ingots
These five ingots facilitate the fabrication of the gingival portion of the restoration, especially in large (implant-retained) restorations, since the material does not shrink and the number of ceramic firings can be reduced.


  • Ceramic shoulders with high accuracy of fit and stability
  • Innovative gingiva technique for implant superstructures
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