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Milled Gold Restorations

Dentek is partnered with Strategy Milling for CAD/CAM milled gold. restorations Röders RXD5 Mills are the premier mill for accuracy in this application, and the fit of these milled restorations is unsurpassed. Milling from a porosity free metal blank provides a smoothness and
density of alloy that is very difficult to match with traditional casting procedures.


Röders RXD5 Mills

Strategy currently provides two alloys… a noble 2% gold and a high noble 55% gold.
55% AU Alloy
Au 55.0% – Pd 5.2% – Ag 30% – Cu 9% – In <1% – Ir <1%
02% AU Alloy
Ag 34.3% – Pd 32.7% – In 28% – Zn 2.6% – Ir, Li, B, Cr <1%

Milled Gold Restorations