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iTero Dental Laboratory

Get Better Results with Accurate Scans

Align iTero users can contact Align iTero directly to have Dentek Dental Laboratory added to your list of “Favorite Labs.”

How to do this:
1. Call iTero at 800-577-8767
2. Give them our phone number, 480-816-3578, to make sure you are adding the correct lab
3. Then you will be able to send your digital case through the iTero network
4. Once we receive your digital data, we will mill your restoration as requested on the digital Rx and ship it back to you

Model Options:
1. WITH MODEL (default option) – Your digital data will automatically be sent to iTero, the digital impression refined, and model and removable dies milled (extra charges apply). Models are then shipped to our lab for fabrication.
2. WITHOUT MODEL (by request) – You can also choose to prescribe VivaZir Monolithic Zirconia cases without iTero model work for a savings of $20 per unit (just indicate this preference on your digital file). You’ll also save $10 on impression material and our current remake percentage on model-less cases is less than 2%!

itero dental laboratory